~ night-time gamedev & geek ~

Hi there.

When I was a kid I spent countless hours, like many other children of similar age, staring at a CRT display while pushing and pulling micro-switch equipped levers and bashing buttons. Later on, playing video-games was no longer enough (albeit a great source of fun), and I felt the urge to create something on my own. That’s when I began exploring with my Commodore 64, pushing bits and bytes wherever my mind suggested.

Fast forwarding some 35 years or so (across a lot of different platforms) I’m still spending countless hours in front of a display. An LCD one, thanks to technological progress, using a really powerful laptop. There are a lot of available tools almost for free, most of them are more advanced than we need. Today we are typically used not to worry about the limits of the machine.

However, I’m still fascinated by the ingenious usage of a handful of pixels and the machine resources.

Welcome to my tiny piece of (digital) world.