In the second half of 2016 I dropped 1GAM.

Not because of the gamejam itself being uninteresting (quite the contrary, as Kristen is an amazing guy doing a great good job in motivating the participants and keeping the community alive), but due to my daily duties that kept messing up with my time schedule. Finding constant time to work and complete the monthly task grew more and more difficult each month.

I would have liked to be consistent with every month task but that was pretty much impossible. Over the course of months it rapidly became desolating. To make matters worse, I’m a perfectionist and I could barely stand the modest-to-law quality of my projects, rapidly decreasing over the time due to the time constraint.

So, I began thinking about switching to a single project with a different scope. Something that doesn’t benefit from rapid prototyping, but from a constant and diluted work. And, perhaps, reach completion over the course of a year or so.

( I find that working on a slower pace soothing and extremely rewarding )

Starting from now I will try and redact a weekly (or at least regular and periodic) devlog, to describe the different aspects of the development process as I face them.

— … pending updates… —