Very idle period, this time. Nevertheless, ideas keep flowing and I’ve been refining the general game mechanics.

I’m planning to alternate two different kind of games: a rouge-like and a side view.

The first (a top-down or bird-eye orthographic projection) and will be used during the world exploration. This will grant faster movements.

The second (like in almost all standard platformers) will be used when greater detail and fine interaction is required. This doesn’t only refer to the bosses fights (whose exact mechanic hasn’t already been decided in detail) but also during specific world/NPC interaction (e.g. caves and buildings exploration).

This seems like an intriguing idea to me. It’s drawback being that, in fact, I’ll be somewhat developing two games in one. However, since they are separated enough to be prototyped, developed and tested separately only to be glued later.

In the meanwhile, Godot approaches it’s long awaited 3.0 release. I’m really curious to start and work with it. However, I’m still debated whether I should stay with the initial idea and use a full-fledged engine rather than a framework. Starting from scratch (with C++ and SFML) won’t happen this time… but I still fear I’ll be spending a lot of time dealing with the engine itself rather than developing the game itself. Perhaps the best idea is to start and prototype the game with Godot and see what happens.