The moment you are falling asleep is somewhat magical. Your mind begins wandering without limits, and even the most weird and silly though just seems plausible. This is quite common, indeed. Less common is thinking about video-game mechanics.

I’m not the first one in dreaming about games that, later, are translated into reality… and it’s happening at an increasing rate to me.

A couple of evenings ago (or should I say, night), a distinct and clear game trailer popped into my mind. It was almost like I was playing it, with full graphic and sound effects. It was somewhat of an old-school game, with a bit of modern look (along with classy movement tweening and graphic galore). Simple aesthetic paired with a fast pace. It seemed a lot of fun.

Guess I’d better write a game design document in order to have it at disposal once I decide to implement it. No, wait. A full design document would be an overkill, right know. I’ll just leave a brief game pitch quote of it… just in the case.

The avatar is a space-ship, or something that can move and speed really fast (perhaps a ghost or light-spirit… or Tron’s cycles?). The movement in the environment is restricted, somewhat grid-based. The avatar is quickly moving from cell to cell, speeding and dashing through the map/maze to reach the target destination (path-finding algorithm is used to compute the route). There is a limited amount of moves to reach the final destination. In the meanwhile, to prolong the fuel supply gas-tanks can be collected. Various bonuses are scattered throughout the map that can be used to destroy and defeat the enemies (much like in Pengo). It isn’t a puzzle game.

Enough for now. Let just sit those ideas for a while.

As a motivational task, in the next thirty (30) days I will try and implement a simple pseudo-3D racing game. As I wrote the last time, it is something that I always wanted to do. I’m aiming to something no more advanced that Buggy Boy… what an unrealistic but funny game it is!