Video-gaming isn’t just an entertaining and amusing (and, alas, time-consuming) activity.

Quite often video-games brings  some of the most advanced and cutting-edge technologies to us, both in hardware and software. Most frequently people don’t even realize that.

The Commodore Amiga was a pretty amazing and (somewhat) underrated platform. Custom chipset oriented architecture, an ahead-of-times operative-system and point-and-click interface&… and, last but not least, some of the most ground-breaking games (often exploiting some of the Amiga’s peculiar features, such as the Blitter).

Another World (Out Of This World) is certainly a classic “must play”. I strongly suggest you to grab and buy the remake for the platform of your choice (be it PC, console, or smartphone).

Then, eventually, take some time to dig into this neat source code review. Virtual machines stems their origins long before Java ever existed…